jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2014

Tarea de la semana

*Mod. 1: Corregir errores de las siguientes frases:
1. She goes to work?
2. Does John and Sarah play tennis?
3. When do your sister finish work?
4. What time you start work?
5. What do Sheila does?
6. Eli and Mark doesn't work in a hospital.
7. Does where she live?
8. Luisa haves lunch at 3 o'clock.

También deberán pensar como podría ser un día en la vida de Victoria Beckham o Belén Esteban. Usa los adverbios de frecuencia y otras expresiones de tiempo unidas al presente simple.
Por último hay un speaking topic: pros and cons for working as a teacher.

*Mod. 3: do you like rules and regulations in your block/ community? What do you think about them in general?

*Mod. 6: do you enjoy going to art galleries or museums? Why/ why not? Why do people think that art galleries and museums are boring?

miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2014

Actividad para mod. 6

*This actity is optional. You have an e-mail and some questions. It can help you to work on politeness, first impressions and negative criticism. Surprisingly the email is real- from a friend of mine! Believe it or not, I'm not the sender of the email! Hope you enjoy it!


“Maybe you didn't receive my e-mail, so here it is again:

Suzanne, I'm emailing you so you'll stop calling me. You've really annoyed me. I told you that Saturday and Sunday were two days that were simply impossible for us to meet. I have very little time with my friends, and it is sacred. Sunday with my family even more so.
I skipped my friend's engagement party to be with you on Friday and I thought that we could have a dignified farewell on Saturday morning.
For you to even suggest that we meet after all that I confided in you was wrong. You were putting me under a pressure I didn't deserve. It's a pity, because I thought we had had a nice few days.
Such is life! Please respect my request. I wish you well.
You have no idea what I'm going through with my family right now. Have you no dignity? Please, leave me alone!!”

  1. Read the text and translate it into Spanish.
  2. Describe the kind of man and woman reflected in the text.
  3. What might have happened before this email, in your opinion?
  4. What is the problem with the man's family?
  5. Underline polite and impolite expressions.
  6. What would you tell him if you were Suzy and wrote an e-mail back to him?

“You can be absolutely calm that I'm not going to call again, of course, to be true, it is you who are being too strong on your words. If I have something, it is dignity. I was trying to know from you; in fact, I was very worried about your family, since you had told me about the seriousness of your father, and in fact, since I hadn't heard from you, I thought that perhaps things were wrong. THAT WAS THE ONLY REASON WHY I HAD BEEN INSISTING, just worry about your father, and his not feeling worse.
With respect to your weekend, I didn't have the intention to disturb you or cause any inconvenience. I have never disturbed anyone in my life, not even you. I thought that, if there was no problem, it would not have been a remote or weird idea to meet, but of course, with any intention, I insist, to disturb you.
With respect to Sunday, I thought the same, again. I thought, if your family commitments didn't absorb you so long, we could have met. My insistence was just for suggesting, and in fact, once you wrote “I'll call you later” I didn't call again in the rest of the day, as you could see.
You should remember that I insisted to accompany you to your friends' party, and it was you who decided to put it off, so please don't blame on me for not going. Perhaps the best would have been just to put off our meeting, and perhaps now you wouldn't blame so much on me. Since you don't know me, my family and friends are also very important for me, and I also care for them too much, like you.

The last thing that I'm going to tell your is that if perhaps you just had answered a single sms, just to say that everything so ok, buy forever, forgive me, everything would have just been different. It is just a question of politeness and correctness to answer to a person who is showing true interest in you. In this case, it was precisely worry about your father. But instead, you have just piled lots of messages of mine, and after that you have the courage to insult me and talk to me in such an agressive tone, which is unacceptable by me. You should know that, perhaps, and unlike you, those days were very important for me and that is why seeing you again had been so important for me.
Let me tell you that you may think of me that I have no dignity, but I will tell you that you have no idea the kind of sensitive person that I am, because while you were avoiding my calls, and insulting me mentally, I was just worried about you and your father.
I advise to learn how to treat a sensitive woman, and you should talk to her in a kinder, softer way. Let me tell you that you have hurt me, disappointed me and shown me things that I hadn't expected from you at all”.

Tarea de la semana

-También deberán hablar sobre el siguiente tema: A DAY IN MY LIFE (hablar de las rutinas en tu vida diaria, que es lo que haces en un dia normal de tu vida).
*Mod. 3: What clothes do you usually wear in summer? Why? Are designer brands/ clothes better than no brand clothing? Why/ why not?
*Mod. 6: Do you judge people by their appearances? How can you deal with negative criticism, when people talk about bad first impressions on you?

martes, 18 de noviembre de 2014

Calendario exámenes diciembre- enero

THAT'S ENGLISH 2014/ 2015
*Recuperación mod. 5: MIÉRCOLES 17 DICIEMBRE 2014, de 17:30 a 19:00 (parte escrita); caso de aprobar la parte escrita, el alumnado realizará el examen oral a continuación, por indicación del tutor.
*Mod. 3: JUEVES 8 ENERO 2015, de 17:30 a 19:00 (parte escrita); caso de aprobar la parte escrita, el alumnado realizará el examen oral a continuación, por indicación del tutor.
*Mod. 6: JUEVES 8 ENERO 2015, de 17:00 a 18:45 (parte escrita); caso de aprobar la parte escrita, el alumnado realizará el examen oral a continuación, por indicación del tutor.

jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2014

Tarea de la semana

*Mod. 1: repasar "to be" y "have got" y hacer presentación de su familia (nombre, edad, descripción físca, miembro de la familia).

*Mod. 3: what are the advantages and disadvantages of booking online? What do you like doing when you are on holiday?

*Mod. 6: what are the best city breaks in Spain for you? Why? Is Spain a good destination on holidays? Why/ why not?

jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2014

Tarea de la semana

*Mod. 1: repasar los contenidos gramaticales y vocabulario de la unidad 1 para hacer unas actividades en la próxima tutoría.

*Mod. 3: speaking topic-  do you have a healthy life? What do you do to when you feel ill? Any tips to give up smoking?

*Mod. 6: speaking topic- advantages and disadvantages of ebooks. Do you prefer books or ebooks? Why?

martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014

Tarea de la semana

Morning, perdón por el retraso en colgar los topics y tareas!
*Mod. 1: presentación personal, con la mayor información posible. También el alumnado tendrá que presentarse con la información de otra persona.

*Mod. 3: a speaking topic- do you remember your first kiss? Who? When? Where? What happened? How did you feel before and after it? Happy or unhappy ending? Try to use the grammar and vocabulary from unit 2.

*Mod. 6: a speaking topic- are you in favour or against alternative therapies? What are the advantanges and disadvantages of alternative therapies? Try to use the grammar and vocabulary from unit 1.