sábado, 21 de enero de 2012

Nuevas tareas de la semana

Here you can find the compositions you may work this week. There are also some topics to talk about next week. Remember they are optional for you... but they can be really helpful for you!! The deadline for all the compositions will be AT 12PM NEXT TUESDAY 24TH MARCH- no compositions will be corrected after the deadline, sorry. Have a nice weekend!

*MOD. 1: composition about "My Healthy Diet"- what food or meals you like and dislike, what you usually eat, drink or have in the morning, afternoon, evening and night (50-75 words approx.)

*MOD. 5: composition about "What do you think about the computer dating servicies? What are the advantages and disadvantages? (80-100 words approx. ). Also a speaking topic about the blind dates: do you believe in blind dates? Any good or bad experiencies? Any anecdotes?

*MOD 8: composition about "What do you think about the text on page 10 (How to Be British) talking about the importance of money? Is it a taboo talking about money in Spain? Or is it a nuisance? Can you judge people by the clothes they are wearing?" (125-150 words approx.). Also a speaking topic about the strategies some supermarkets have in order to sell more (text on page 6). What can you do to avoid them?

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